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MindMint NFTs: A New Era of Interactive and Engaging Digital Assets
The MindMint NFT collection is a unique offering of 50,000 chess piece-shaped digital assets that grant access to a variety of activities and rewards on the MindMint platform.
These NFTs are divided into six different categories, including;
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The use of NFTs in the MindMint platform offers several benefits for users each with their own distinct attributes that will represent its earning systems. The higher the rank of the NFT, the higher the token yield it generates. Multiple NFTs can be purchased and staked at the same time to increase token yield. These NFTs can be acquired via the MindMint marketplace or on reliable any other top NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.
3 main reasons to why we use NFT:
Firstly, it allows users to own a unique digital asset that represents their access to the platform's activities and rewards. Secondly, it provides a secure and transparent way of accessing these resources as the NFTs are stored on a blockchain, and their ownership can be easily verified. Finally, it allows the platform to reward users for their participation in a way that is both scalable and decentralized.
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In conjunction, each NFT also holds attributes like emotions which are directly related to the users' activity with their nfts and the swapping system respectively. These are the 3 attributes each NFT comes with:
• Dopamine:: Each hour in which users focus will consume dopamine level.
• Serotonin: If you are not focusing for a period of time your serotonin level will be reduced.
• Anxiety: This attribute is directly related to the users' swap system.
This will provide a better idea of which NFT you would buy into and how to participate with each of them in various tournaments or activities.
Why chess pieces?
The use of chess pieces as the shape for MindMint NFTs is likely intended to convey the idea of strategy and intelligence. Chess is a game that requires players to think ahead and make calculated moves in order to win. By using chess pieces as the shape for their NFTs, we are trying to convey the idea that the platform will also require users to think strategically and intelligently in order to earn rewards. Additionally, chess pieces are recognizable, simple and elegant, giving the NFT a clear and clean look. Furthermore, chess pieces have a long history and tradition, which can make them more appealing to some users.
The first 1000 NFTs will be available for pre-sale, after which the pre-sale will end. This limited release ensures that the value of the NFTs is protected, as no more will ever be produced, making them truly unique and valuable assets.