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Anti-Ponzi Solution

Our white paper outlines a comprehensive solution to avoid Ponzi schemes within the MindMint platform. We understand the importance of maintaining a sustainable and secure ecosystem for our users;
At MindMint, we believe in the power of innovation and technology. Our platform is powered by Starz economy, a company that has built multiple activity to earn and play-to-earn projects with a mission to develop all-in-one solutions and advance technology into tokenization that is our future. STARZ token is supported by all the other projects under the economy, which is another key driver in maintaining our company's value and income to sustain every business model.
First, we have implemented a revenue distribution model where 80% of all NFT sales are converted into MindMint tokens and added to a liquidity pool for token swap. This ensures that there is always a steady supply of tokens available for users to trade and swap, reducing the risk of market manipulation and Ponzi schemes.
Additionally, 20% of revenue is allocated towards marketing and social development to continue growing and improving the platform.
We also have additional sources of income such as advertisement placement, NFT resell royalties, and future AI integration features. This diversifies our revenue streams, reducing the dependence on any one specific source of income, and further minimizes the risk of Ponzi schemes.
Furthermore, our main source of income is through NFT royalties and transaction fees (Swap fees) and STARZ token tax. This ensures that the platform is self-sustaining and not dependent on new investments to generate profits.
We are committed to providing a safe and secure platform for our users and have implemented these measures to ensure that MindMint remains a sustainable and trustworthy ecosystem for trading NFTs.